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The right yacht at the right price is vital, but in yachting it is the people who are going to make things extra special.

Some charterers already know which yacht they want and where they want to go. Others will give us more of an open brief. In either case we will have lots of questions about you and your guests. For us the secret is in the detail. Of course your chef will want to know what you like to eat and drink, but we will also want to know what your favourite flowers are, which newspapers you read, if there are any birthdays…

Our goal is to create your perfect holiday so you will come back for more.

Charter rates are usually quoted under MYBA Terms and work on a “plus expenses” basis. MYBA – the Worldwide Yachting Association – promotes excellence in the industry, and the MYBA Charter Agreement safeguards the interests of the Charterer.  

The charter fee includes your yacht and all its equipment in full commission and properly insured for marine risks; a full complement of crew including their wages, food and uniform. All other expenses are payable by the charterer, and these include fuel and lubricating oils for the main engines, generators and tenders, harbour fees including pilotage, local taxes, laundry, water, electricity, communications, food and drinks for the charter party.

On board expenses are covered by an “Advanced Provisioning Allowance” (APA) which is given to the Captain ahead of the charter so that he can provision the yacht. As a guideline,charterers usually spend an additional 25 % to 30 % over the duration of the charter, although this varies depending on what you want to eat and drink, fuel consumption and so on. Your Captain will keep an account of on board expenses, with supporting receipts, and any balance will be refunded upon disembarkation.

In EU Territorial waters, VAT is sometimes charged on top of the charter fee, and rates can vary according to the yacht’s flag, place of embarkation or itinerary. Outside of the European Union, rates also vary. We will advise you on the tax situation for your cruising area. 

We will prepare your MYBA Charter Agreement and once all parties have signed, a deposit of 50% of the charter fee secures the yacht for you. The balance of the charter fee plus APA and any other costs such as VAT or fuel re/delivery fees, are payable a month prior to embarkation.

For peace of mind, we recommend charterers take out the following insurance policies - and are happy to help make the arrangements:

- Cancellation & Curtailment Insurance in the event of unforeseen circumstances
- Personal Accident and Medical Insurance
- Insurance against theft, loss or damage to personal belongings
- Charterer’s Liability Insurance (especially if you will be using water sports equipment)

If at the end of your charter you feel your crew has been outstanding, general practice is provide the Captain with a crew gratuity. As a guideline, the standard crew gratuity is between 5% and 15% of the charter fee. This will be very gratefully received, and the Captain will ensure that the tip is shared out fairly; some crew members such as engineers are less visible to guests, but play a very important role!