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BVI - Hurricane Maria & Irma
BVI - Hurricane Maria & Irma

BVI - Hurricane Maria & Irma

Friday, 22nd September 2017


After storming through the Caribbean, category five Hurricane Irma has left a trail of destruction in its wake. Many homes have been destroyed by 300 km/h winds, massive storm surges and floods. Now families urgently need shelter to survive, and together we can help the relief efforts. 


We decided to support the disaster relief charity ShelterBox to help around 35 families left without a place to call home in the Caribbean as well as other disasters around the world.


ShelterBox will provide those families with shelter and the basic equipment they need to begin the process of recovery – a tent, tarpaulin and building tools, mosquito nets, solar lamps, water filters. They are a great organisation focussed on measuring positive impact and they have four response team in the Caribbean right now. Their work doesn’t stop there, they’re working in ten countries around the world, providing shelter to people hit by disasters.