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The Mayfair Magazine - Sail Away
The Mayfair Magazine - Sail Away

The Mayfair Magazine - Sail Away

Thursday, 29th October 2015

Listening to the gentle lapping of the waves of crystaline blue waters of a remote Mediterranean island beneath your mahogany panelled drawing room makes for one enviably relaxing way to travel. Whether seeking out a jet-set board meeting, the perfect environment for entertaining or an exclusive paradisiacal escape, the undoubtable allure of owning one’s own superyacht has steadily grown in recent years with ultra-high-net-worth individuals. And the boutique superyacht brokerage firm of Cecil Wright & Partners has welcomed the demand, ensuring its clients can voyage the seas in the lap of absolute luxury and privacy. 

Chartering and selling an impressive fleet of vessels from its Monaco and St James’s offices, the company adamantly follows a motto of ‘fewer clients, serviced better’ and also specialises in the unique service of building new and tailor-made yachts. From marble adorned en suites to 14-seats dining rooms, the freedom of travel and breathtaking destinations one can experience through a yacht charter is possibly the most glamorous way to explore the world. Founder of Cecil Wright & Partners, Chris Cecil-Wright, shares his top three Destinations for a most unforgettable superyacht experience, Chilean Patagonia, Seychelles and Thailand. 

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